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Rhinos Hauling – the Leading Junk Removal and Demolition Company!

Get the best residential and commercial junk removal services in the town. We provide superior value on every junk removal job.

Rhinos Hauling is one of the best junk hauling and removal service provider. Targeting almost all the cities in San Mateo County USA, we specialize in top-quality junk removal services covering residential and commercial settings. Our dedicated team of experts promises free estimates, on-time service, and good pricing on all services.

From carpet, office furniture, and clothing disposal to the removal of mattress, television, and scrap metals, we have got you covered.

We have a large fleet of trucks and excavators for handling hauling, excavating, and demolition tasks. In this way, we can handle all your hauling needs no matter they are small or big. You do not need to hire a separate company or arrange dumpster rentals to remove junk from your place. Once you contact us, you will find us with you in every junk hauling matter. 

Rhinos Hauling believes in disposing of unwanted garbage in an environment-friendly way. This is the reason that we provide green hauling services. No matter what type of unwanted items we remove, safety is always our top priority. Before we handle any residential or commercial removal, we handle the entire process with great care and attention to detail.

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What does Rhinos Hauling Haul Away?

Furniture disposal
Trash removal
Appliances disposal and recycling
Yard and construction waste removal

Mattress disposal
Basement and garage cleanout
Television disposal
And much more!

Not sure what type of items we can haul? At Rhinos Hauling, we can haul away almost everything (non-hazardous items). Some examples include:

To make sure that you get more value, we provide low-cost rates while making them transparent. Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, affordable price structure, professional hauling experts, and a high level of customer service are some key terms that have made us unique. From residential and commercial junk removal to demolition and property cleanouts, you can find every type of service at Rhinos Hauling.
Yes, it is right! Apart from junk removal, Rhinos Hauling also provides demolition services in residential and commercial settings. Demolition is a process that our professionals take very seriously We can not only demolish your homes but you can also get our services for damaged patios, decks, garages, workshops, etc. Our professionals are experienced and have the necessary training to demolish a variety of properties. They know how to keep everyone safe on the property while demolishing it. Not only this, but we are always well-equipped to complete a variety of demolition projects.
Whether it is the demolition of your home or any retail site, we will first inspect the building to see if it is safe or not. We will also inspect the surrounding properties keeping in view the safety risks. All the demolition work will be done using the latest technological equipment, tools, and machinery (including trucks). Once the demolition is complete, we will also dispose of the aftermath, while leaving your property neat and clean.
When you call us, we will send the most experienced demolition contractors on the site who will provide you with the results that you are looking for. So, do not wait anymore and get ready to discuss your demolition and excavation project with us!
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A Little Bit about Rhinos Hauling!

Rhinos Hauling was founded back in the year --. Since then, we have been committed to providing high-quality junk hauling services. Our mission is to help the areas of San Mateo County to dispose of their garbage in an environment-friendly manner. 

We have a great team of experienced demolition and hauling specialists. They have the necessary skills and knowledge to face all sorts of residential and commercial hauling challenges. Our experts are equipped with the latest tools to offer a diverse range of junk removal and demolition services. They are competent enough to provide the best hauling service to the entire area, no matter how big or small the hauling task is. 

We are not only professional but can complete the hauling projects in a timely manner. As we focus on you, the customer, so once you contact us, we try to send our team of dedicated workers to your place as soon as possible. We will remove the unwanted garbage from your place. Not only this, but we will leave your place clean and organized while sticking to the terms of the contract. In this way, you will have peace of mind that your property is in good hands while your junk is removed.

So, if you are having so much clutter at your property, we are there to ease your stress. Being a top junk removal and demolition service provider, we will try to make your junk removal and hauling experience as smooth as possible. 

A Little Bit about Rhinos Hauling!


Rhinos Hauling is founded with a mission to providing the finest-quality junk hauling and removal services in San Mateo County. We believe in the principles of integrity, trust, dedication, and hard work. These principles have made us the top choice for junk removal.


Green Hauling

At Rhinos Hauling, we believe in making a better tomorrow. This is the reason that we recycle and reuse as much junk (that we collect) as possible. About 60 to 80 per cent of the junk that we haul is donated or recycled so it can be used responsibly by a family in need. Hence, we offer an eco-friendly junk removal service for your home or office.

Competitive Pricing

We believe in delivering convenient and economical disposal solutions. That is why all our junk removal services are available at competitive prices. As no two hauling jobs are the same, so it all depends on the volume or weight of the items that you want to get rid of.


On-Time Service

Being a licensed and fully-insured demolition company, we are dedicated to delivering on-time service at all times.

Why Choose Rhinos Hauling?

Are you moving to a new place and want to de-clutter unwanted junk? Do you want to haul away old items of all kinds from your place? If yes, why not take the services of the top hauling service provider like us? Rhinos Hauling is always available to take away your unwanted junk or assist you to clear out your clutter. Whether you want to remove items from your backyard, attic or basement, you will find us always there for you.

The following are a few reasons why you should choose Rhinos Hauling for junk removal service:

More than 15 years of junk removal experience
Fast and friendly service
Professional hauling experts
Affordable price guarantee
Different types of hauling services
24/7 customer support

In short, our junk hauling and demolition services may offer an easy and fast solution for all your hauling needs, be it for your home or office.

Our Services

Being one of the top hauling companies in San Mateo County, we provide a variety of junk removal and hauling services. These include:

  • Junk Hauling

Want to get clearance of bulky waste? Rhinos Hauling provides quality junk hauling services. Our experts use the latest technology and equipment to make sure that you get the best type of junk removal servicer possible. To remove rubbish from the interior and exterior of your property, we are equipped with a large fleet of trucks. We believe in providing sustainable easiest, and competitive services no matter you want to remove waste from your home or office.

The hauling experts at Rhinos Hauling are friendly and will do a great job. They will give you clear instructions on the whole junk hauling procedure. So, do not wait anymore and get the most comprehensive junk hauling service in your city.

  • Residential Junk Removal

Do you have piles in your home that is taking away your valuable space? Do you feel that you have struck in the mess at your home? Contact Rhinos Hauling right now. Our residential junk removal services include mattress disposal, appliance removal, furniture and television removal, carpet removal, couch removal, and yard waste removal. 

From de-cluttering a single item to complete residential cleanouts, we will provide you with superior value on every job. For many years, we have been helping households to haul away junk using our best environment-friendly cleanup services. We can clean out your junk no matter what size it is. Not only this, but we will also clean your home before we leave. All you need to do is call or email us and we will haul your junk away.

  • Commercial Junk Removal

If you want to clean out space in your commercial property, you can take our commercial junk removal service because we deliver a variety of commercial junk removal services. These include building and office furniture removal, small and large item removal, scrap metal removal, and disposal of construction debris. 

We have a team of cleaning professionals who are experienced in commercial junk removal services. They will reach at your commercial property on time. According to the weight of the junk that needs to be removed, pricing will be set. In short, our experts can provide the service very responsibly while recycling unwanted items. So, do not wait anymore and get our commercial junk removal service right away.

  • Residential Demolition

If you want demolition services for your home that is severely damaged, contact Rhinos Hauling. We provide expert residential demolition services throughout the county. Our demolition services do not only cater to homes. In fact, you can also get our services for damaged patios, decks, garages, workshops, etc. When you call us, we will send the most experienced demolition contractors on the site who will provide you with the results that you are looking for. 

Moreover, you can also get our demolition service in case you have bought the land that has an unsafe structure on it and you want to haul off the structure. If this is the case, do not wait anymore and call our residential demolition experts.

  • Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition is a process that our professionals take very seriously. Our experts have several years of experience in the construction industry. They know very well how to demolish a commercial property while keeping everyone safe on the property. Not only this, but we are always well-equipped to complete a variety of demolition projects.

Before demolishing a building, first, we will inspect it thoroughly to make sure that it is safe. We will also check the surrounding properties to see if there are any risky elements that can become dangerous. Once we complete the demolition of your commercial building, we will also dispose of the aftermath, while leaving your property neat and clean. The use of specialized equipment, following safety measures while demolishing, and our professionalism makes Rhinos Hauling the number one commercial demolition contractor in the town. So, are you ready to discuss your demolition and excavation project?

  • Property Clean Outs

Do you want to clear out your home or apartment before selling it? It is time to take our property cleanout services. Rhinos Hauling is one of the leading property cleanout service providers. We have a great team of experts who are not only professional but have years of experience cleaning out the properties. We have the necessary tools and equipment to haul away junk from your property no matter what the size of junk is.

Being a licensed and insured property cleanout service provider, we can provide you with professional services at affordable prices. Affordable price does not mean that the quality of our service is affected. Here, you can get a safe and reliable hauling service. So, why are you waiting? Simply let us know when and where you need property cleanouts. You will find our experts reach your property as soon as possible.

  • Commercial Clean Outs

At Rhinos Hauling, we do not only provide residential cleanout services but here you can get the best cleanout service for your commercial property. No matter you want to update your store or you are moving to a new location, you can find us with you to clear out the junk items or construction debris. Being a top-rated junk removal service provider, we will send a team of experts to your place. 

We can haul away the items that you no longer need in your office or any other retail space. All you need to do is point out the junk items and we will do the rest of the work for you. Our professionals know very well how to clear the space and handle items with care. They are trained for commercial cleanout services to make sure that you get the maximum space for your property. So, get in touch with Rhinos Hauling right away.

What do Our Customers say? | Testimonials


100 out of 100! I didn't even know they were here, Super easy to work with! I called, they came.

Local Guide

Happy customer will be using their services again in the future. They showed up early, went above and beyond what we ask them to do with a smile on his face. Great price l, and great service.

Vivamus magna
Positive: Value

At Rhinos Hauling, we believe that customers are the most important asset of our business. That is why, we offer a diverse range of services so that when people choose us, they can get what they need.

Our professionalism and impeccable quality of work have made us win a large number of customers. We have happy and satisfied customers from different fields of life due to our quality service level. Let’s get to know what our customers remark when they take junk removal services at Rhinos Hauling.

Latest Projects

Since our foundation back in the year --, we have completed several demolitions and junk hauling projects. The following is a list of the projects that we have completed recently.

Jobs at Rhinos Hauling!

Apart from providing quality junk removal and hauling services, we can also support you by providing job opportunities. So, if you want to join our team of dedicated hauling professionals, apply now.

Get in Touch with Us!

It is quite easy to take hauling services at Rhinos Hauling as all you need to do is choose our service. On the appointed date and time, we will arrive at your property and take your junk away. In short, you can get the best service in the industry if you contact Rhinos Hauling.

No obligation on-site estimates are provided by our experts so get in touch with us right now. You can make a ring to us at 650-787-7160 or drop an email at [email protected] The customer service representatives at Rhinos Hauling will put their entire efforts to serve you.

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